5 reasons to help you decide on booking your destination wedding in Florida.

Tired of the snow? Not interested in the same venues your friends were married at? Looking to do something different? Allow us to introduce to you 5 reasons to have a destination wedding in Florida.

1. We Make It Easy With All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Ultimately the best way to get more bang for your buck is to book your wedding with an all-inclusive wedding venue. Especially if you are living in another state, this is a cost-effective way to plan your wedding without all the headaches! The average couple hires anywhere between 12-14 wedding vendors. (whoa, that’s a lot!) Which is why we have all-inclusive wedding venues. We are here to help coordinate all the wedding essentials and your vendors. Feeling a bit more relaxed? We have more good news! The average cost of a Florida wedding is significantly lower compared to New York, Chicago, New Jersey and the like. Less than half of the price! We are talking about getting the best of both worlds. This means cutting costs without cutting out the necessities.

2. Double Dip With A Vacation

Florida is a gorgeous place for a vacation. With that being said, it may not come as a surprise when you find that your guests are booking their stay longer than just a weekend! With miles of white sandy coastline and gorgeous clear water springs, they can soak up the sun all week long! If your guests are not beach goers, Florida is home to plenty of amusement parks. Including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

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3. Year Around Great Weather

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing! We have fantastic weather year around. The best times to host your destination wedding in Florida is between the months of September to May. No need to worry about snow when the average annual high is 79 degrees and the average annual low is 55 degrees.

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4. Taste The Flavors And Enjoy The Scenery

Florida is the #1 spot for the best key lime pies, fresh seafood and delicious Cuban sandwiches! Around every corner in the major cities you will find something that will ignite your taste buds. These Florida favorites can easily be part of your wedding day as favors or as a menu option! In addition, this state is chock full of incredible scenery. Large palm leaves, breathtaking oak trees and tropical floral to name a few favorites.

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5. Traveling Is A Breeze  

Sometimes traveling can be a bit of a headache. With an abundance of international and domestic airports, getting in and out of the sunshine state is a breeze. In other words, no matter where you or your guests are traveling from, chances are, there is an airport close by to your destination.  

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Check out our Real Wedding blogs to see inspiration for your big day. Allow us to be your destination wedding venue of choice.

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