Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your fiancé’s love, styles and personalities. However, because guests may be traveling a long distance and taking time off work to attend, many couples also consider the comfort and enjoyment of their guests. This is completely understandable and very thoughtful, but keep in mind that making everyone 100% happy can be quite the challenge. People have their likes and dislikes. So how do you narrow down the wedding details that your guests will actually care about?

What Guests Really Notice . . .


Bride’s Dress + Ceremony Entrance

This probably doesn’t really come as a surprise to many. Because really, who isn’t curious about what the bride will be wearing? Will it be a ball gown or a fitted dress? Will it be lace or covered in beaded detail? As a bride you may be really consumed with trying to find the right dress, after all it is a big decision and it receives much hype. According to WeddingWire, about 60% of guests said the dress is one detail they really care about.

Also don’t forget your grand entrance into your ceremony. This is a moment you have been anticipating for months, maybe even years! Even so, don’t feel pressured for a large entrance because no matter what, your guests will gasp when they see you in your gorgeous dress.


The Food + Bar

Surprise, surprise? Not really. About 64% of wedding guests said that food is one of the most important things they pay attention to at weddings. That’s why you’ll probably spend about half of your budget on your catering and venue—because the last thing you want is hangry guests. As long as you ensure that your food appeals to a wide range of tastes and is plentiful.

For some guests, the free booze is the highlight of the evening. Hey, it’s the truth. Alcohol can push your budget so stick to serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail or two. This is a great way to provide a variety for your guests as well as stay on track with your budget.



It is guaranteed your guests will be eye-balling your ceremony and reception décor. Although this is a major component of your wedding, don’t fret over it too much. Share your ideas with your designer and trust in her. Your designer and vendors are there for you, to execute your vision and dreams. Being open and remaining in contact with them are the best ways to ensure your wedding décor will be on point.

What Guests Really Don’t Care About . . .


Wedding Favors

We do agree this is a nice gesture and a great way to show your crafty side, it is definitely not a deal breaker for guests. Only 9% of guests actually cared for favors. If you decide to do favors, don’t break the bank to do so. Keep it small and simple, but cute and creative. If you decide to skip the favors, the majority of your guests will not notice – you’re in the clear!


Escort Cards

Escort cards are slowly making their way out because guests don’t really mind them. On the other hand, seating charts are a total must despite how frustrating they may be to create. They are really helpful to guests when finding a place to sit.


Bouquet + Garter Toss

While some love these traditions, others find them outdated—so if you’re leaning toward skipping, know that your guests probably won’t miss them. Instead you can opt for a entertaining game. A fan favorite seems to be the Shoe Game, guests always get a kick out it! Or you can stick exclusively with toasts and cake cutting then get straight to the party!




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