Wedding Registry Etiquette


Do you feel out of the loop with what is and is not acceptable in regards to letting friends and family know about your registry?


Many engaged couples include registry cards with their invitations, but that has also been considered “tacky” by some couples. So the big question is, how and when did you let people know about your wedding registry?


The best way to share your registry information is to include it on your wedding website, and then share your website’s address/URL on your shower invitation. Registry cards are meant to be included with your bridal shower invitations (if one is hosted) or on your save-the-date, rather than with your wedding invitations. Another way to spread the information is simply by word of mouth if asked.


Including your registry card with your wedding invitation is against traditional etiquette mainly because the point of a wedding invitation is to tell your guests “your presence is gift enough,” not “you’re only welcome if you bring a gift.” While obviously the latter certainly isn’t your intent, some people might read it that way.


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