The inside scoop about wedding insurance —

Wouldn’t you feel at ease knowing you are covered if disaster strikes and puts you in a financial pickle? You would much rather have it if needed than need it and not have it. We highly recommend every couple invest in wedding insurance.

Opting out is like choosing to board a ship without any life jackets. . .

Picture this scenario: Jane and John have been planning their wedding for months. John’s mother, who lives out of state, comes down with a life threatening illness only weeks before the wedding. John desperately wants to be with his mother in her final days. The couple decides to postpone their wedding and luckily with the right wedding insurance they can.

What is wedding insurance? 

Wedding insurance provides protection for couples who may face circumstances beyond their control and reimburses expenses spent toward their wedding. For example, what if your wedding dress gets lost or damaged in airport baggage and you unfortunately have to purchase a new one just days before your wedding? What if you are called to duty, or lose your job and can no longer afford to pay for your wedding? It is unfortunate and difficult to imagine but things do happen. 

How much does wedding insurance cost? 

It all depends on what you want insured and how much coverage you want.  Basic coverage premiums usually begin around $150 and can continue on up to $1,000+.

When should I purchase wedding insurance?

Don’t wait! The sooner you have coverage the better. What if you put down a large deposit on your venue a year prior to your wedding and disaster suddenly strikes the business? You certainly don’t want to lose your dream wedding venue AND all your money, do you? With wedding insurance you WILL get every penny of your deposit back.

What does wedding insurance cover?

It covers a large variety of things! Coverage may range from cancellation/postponement, photography/videography, jewelry/attire, event gifts, lost deposits, alcohol related accidents on premises, sickness/injury, extreme weather, unemployment, and the list goes on. It does NOT cover a change of heart. In other words, if you call off your engagement you will not receive reimbursement.

Every insurance policy is different so be sure to speak with your agent about any questions you have.



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