Before we know it, Fall – one of the most popular wedding seasons, will be upon us. In saying that, it is possible you may receive an invitation to a wedding over the next few months. Consider it an honor, because well, it is! If you have not attended a wedding recently and need a quick refresher on the do’s and don’ts as a guest, we hope you find the tips below helpful!

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  1. Do show up on time. We shouldn’t have to even mention that, but we are because late arrivals do happen. Give yourself extra travel time to account for any traffic or wrong turns you may make. Arriving late is distracting (and a tad embarrassing).
  2. Do silence/turn off your phone during the ceremony. And no, we don’t mean put it on vibrate. You can still *hear* a phone vibrate which may be distracting to others.
  3. Do respect the couple’s wishes if their ceremony is unplugged. “Unplugged” means no photos or videos are to be taken by guests on any type of electronic (phone, iPad or camera) during the ceremony! The couple wants you to be completely present with them during the ceremony, plus they hired a professional to capture their special day. Leaning into the aisle to take a photo may place you in the midst of their professional photos or video (total no-no!).
  4. Don’t post a photo of the bride on social media before the ceremony. If you have the chance to visit with the bride prior to the ceremony and she is all dolled-up, save the photo to post at a later time. You certainly don’t want to ruin the surprise for other guests, or worse, risk her soon-to-be spouse seeing the photo. *Gasping in horror at the thought*
  5. Don’t wear white. Wearing white is most definitely off limits unless explicitly asked by the couple. Also on the “do not wear” list? Anything too revealing or too casual. You are attending a wedding after-all.
  6. Don’t bring an uninvited “plus one”.  This is a biggie, so please be respectful. If it does not state on your invitation “and Guest” (or something similar) on the outer or inner wedding invitation envelope, then the invite is only for you. Bringing an uninvited guest will put the couple in a predicament they should not be placed in.

Are you attending an upcoming wedding at Cross Creek Ranch?

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