Advice for an amazing wedding dress shopping experience.

For many brides, wedding dress shopping is one of the more exciting parts of wedding planning. While we enter into the dreamy world of bridal fashion, it’s best to keep in mind a few things before you go. We have teamed up with some experts in the wedding fashion industry to help us out in providing you the best advice! 

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Set a budget. Call around to see what the price ranges are in your area. Take your whole budget into consideration then set your gown budget. Remember, when setting your budget, alterations are not included in the cost of the gown.  Be prepared to add an additional $300 to $800 for that perfect custom fit” – Flora’s Bridal

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Make an appointment.  After you have done your research and pinned all your favorite styles, it is time to set an appointment!   Most bridal boutiques operate by appointment only.  An appointment will reduce the stress of not knowing whether a shop can accommodate you and will ensure you a personal consultant. Keep in mind when setting your appointments, weekends are the busiest days for all retail stores.  Try booking your appointments mid-week in the early afternoon hours to reduce the chaos of an overcrowded salon.” – Flora’s Bridal

Understand your wedding day vision, and don’t be afraid to express your personal style in your wedding day look! Choose the gown that makes you feel confident, beautiful and special! Be open minded, but ultimately trust your own heart! Shopping for your wedding gown should be fun and memorable, so relax and enjoy the process!” – The White Magnolia Bridal Tampa

First dress appointment try on every shape to decide what shape works for you, then work out the finishes. If you really like a dress but there is something missing, try adding or changing straps and then add a veil, hair jewelry and necklace. Finishing the picture is sometimes all it takes. We recommend buying your dress 8-10 months before the wedding. Shipping ranges 4-6 months” – Satin and Lace Bridal Boutique 

The wedding dress shopping experience isn’t the same for everyone. I suggest all brides walk into each appointment with a fresh and open mind. You may not experience a feeling or may experience every feeling for every dress. Don’t let either scenario discourage you. Take some time to enjoy the moment you’re in and reflect on how you feel in each gown. Is it how you want to feel in your wedding dress? Once you find your dream dress, you’ll just know. Don’t stress it and soak in the moment!” – The White Magnolia Bridal Tampa

“Ask about alterations, they are never included in the dress price. Does the store have their own seamstress? Can they give you an idea of cost? If you are working with a budget call the store and ask for the price range of their dresses. Remember Pinterest is great for ideas but you have no idea how old the dress is, if it’s still available and you have no idea of cost. My suggestion would be find a store near you, check out which designers they carry and the particular ranges that they carry, then look at those on the designers website, that way you know the dresses are current” – Satin and Lace Bridal Boutique

Some designers allow you to order dresses that are the right length for you so a more expensive dress may end up being less expensive than a cheaper dress if you don’t have to shorten it. Dresses have many layers and it can be very expensive to shorten all those layers” – Satin and Lace Bridal Boutique

Trust your consultant.  Share your vision with your consultant and try her recommendations.  You will be surprised at how many gowns look like an empty sack on the hanger yet come to life on the body. And remember, the worst that can happen is you don’t like it- no big deal!” – Flora’s Bridal 

Enjoy the process and soak in every moment! Keep an open mind to finding a gown that you didn’t know would be your dream dress. You may surprise yourself! If you can close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the aisle to your fiancé in it, then you just found your dress! Go with your gut, stay true to you and don’t overthink it. Just embrace how beautiful you look! “ – The White Magnolia Bridal Tampa

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