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As a bride, you want to be drop-dead-gorgeous as you walk down the aisle – and the dress you wear plays a crucial role in this. While you can make do with fewer accessories and a lighter makeup, your perfect dress will be something you simply cannot miss out on.

To be certain your dress looks beautiful on you, it is important to have it fit just right. How to do this, though? What are some of the most essential things to keep in mind for your wedding gown fitting appointments? Read on and find out more.

  • You need the right undergarments. Your dress will look odd if you don’t wear the right undergarments – and this is true not just for the big day itself, but also for your fitting appointments as well. Wear the kind of undergarments you will wear on your wedding day, so that your seamstress finds the perfect way to fit your dress on you. Most importantly, choose undergarments that you feel most comfortable in, however, keep in mind that some dresses will show underwear lines if certain types are chosen, while others won’t, so be sure you choose yours wisely for the overall appearance.
  • It should be tight, but not too tight. The last thing you want is a dress that either slips off of you, or is uncomfortably tight on your body. If you are wearing a strapless dress, pay extra-attention to how it fits around your upper body, so that you are absolutely certain that it is supported just fine. If you choose to have straps, especially thin ones, ensure that they stay atop your shoulders comfortably and don’t slip off, the last thing you want is to be adjusting your dress on your big day. Also, if your dress zips, buttons or ties to your silhouette, be sure you leave a little extra wiggle room so that you can breathe, walk and talk comfortably.
  • Learn to put it on. Your seamstress will not be there with you on the morning of your wedding day – so it is important to learn how to put it on. Also, remember that you will most likely need help with this – so bring along your Maid of Honor, your mother or whoever it is that will help you get ready on the big day. A lot goes into the intricate details of a dress, so you will certainly not want to make any mistakes with how you are putting it on and wearing it.

Cross Creek Ranch is a superb, charming wedding venue located in beautiful Florida – so if you are searching for a location in the area, be sure to check us out. Contact us, come visit us and book us for the most stunning wedding your guests have ever seen!

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