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Every bride wants to be unique, splendid and truly awe-inspiring at her wedding. It is only normal to want that, especially considering how huge the event is and how special it is for a couple who’s really in love.

Same as your dress, your bouquet should be truly stunning – but more than anything, it should reflect the things you believe in. Yet, what are some of the 2016 bouquet trends you will truly love if you want your bridal bouquet to be one-of-a-kind? Read on and find your inspiration!

  • Lively and full of energy, green is an empowering and whimsical color – so it’s really a miracle how it hasn’t gotten into the wedding spotlight for such a long time. Add lots of greenery to your bridal bouquet (or, why not, create a bouquet entirely out of foliage) and it will look absolutely splendid! What’s more, it will cost less and it will be more eco-friendly too!
  • Want to save some serious money, have flowers that look more natural and fresher and support the local economy? Choose to have a bouquet made from local and seasonal flowers! Best choice for a bride who wants to be special and practical too!
  • Timeless, elegant, suave and sophisticated, vintage fashion will always attract us. In 2016, the vintage wedding trend has reached bouquets as well – and we have seen lots of bouquets made from old-time favorite blooms (such as dahlias or chrysanthemums). What’s more, we have also seen bouquets wrapped in very rich, vintage fabrics – and this adds a dash of elegance and beauty to every type of bloom.

Searching for a superb rustic wedding venue where your nature-inspired ideas can be brought to life? Come visit Cross Creek Ranch and allow yourself to be charmed by the timeless elegance of the venue we have created for couples just like you!



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