On January 17th, 2015, AmiJo and Alaina had an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Carriage House Stable. The brides wanted a vintage-style barn wedding with the most important elements of their day being the food, photography and entertainment. All throughout their wedding, personal and sentimental details were everywhere.

Alaina’s Grandfather built a custom wine box with the couple’s names on it for the ceremony. The couple ordered Converse shoes for their wedding party personalized to each of their styles with the wedding date on them. Alaina wore AmiJo’s mother’s family heirloom pearls, and AmiJo borrowed her Uncle’s special pocket knife. AmiJo wore her father’s Captain’s badge from the fire department on her shoe as her “something old”. The feel of their vintage-style barn wedding was very fun and relaxed, just like AmiJo and Alaina!


Hand painted timeline sign that guests see as they arrive. The photo to the right is at the entrance of the Carriage House Stable.
A display of Alaina and AmiJo's photos.
Their reception tables inside the Carriage House Stable. Beautiful, vibrant colors!
Their sweetheart table with french doors as their backdrop.
How adorable is their cutting cake and mini cupcakes!
This gate separates our two venues.
AmiJo waiting to see her love, Alaina.
During their first look.
This photo was taken in the Garden near the French Country Inn.
Two very beautiful women.
A custom made wooden stump was their guest book.
Hand written chalkboard sign at the ceremony and their hanging aisle markers.
A beautiful custom made wine box for their ceremony.
They had a guitarist play softly during the processional.
AmiJo carried a single rose in memory of her grandmother.
AmiJo's reaction to seeing Alaina!
Alaina being escorted down the aisle.
They had a sweet outdoor ceremony under the old Oak.
Sealing away the bottle of wine to save for their anniversary.
They're married!!
Personalized Converse for their wedding party!
Showing off their awesome Converse!
AmiJo's father-daughter dance.
Gorgeous photo on the bridge!
Sparkler exit to end their beautiful wedding day.

Photography: Life Long Studios

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