A unity ceremony is a symbolic moment during your ceremony that comes after your vows but before rings are exchanged. Many people are familiar with a unity candle ceremony and as times become more modern, other unity ceremonies have become popular. We are big fans of the new ideas; even so, we will always love the traditional unity candle. Below are fun alternative unity ceremony ideas that may spark your interest!

     A Wine Box Ceremony is a personalized box which contains a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a love letter from each to the other. Place the box in safe keeping to be opened at a later time or on an anniversary.

     A Tree Planting Ceremony represents the strong roots of your relationship, and the continued growth of your love, as you become each other’s family. For this unity, the couple puts dirt and water into a pot then later plants the tree at their home.

     The Unity Braid Ceremony (also known as “God’s Knot” or Cord of Three Strands) symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship. During the ceremony, the couple braids the three cords together.

     Family Unity Candle is a sweet twist to the traditional candle unity. If you or your partner have children, this a great option if you choose to include them! 

     We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! Next week’s blog will share great tips for creating your guest list!

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