Your bridesmaids are such beautiful people! After all, you have chosen these wonderful ladies to be your attendants on the Big Day – and they have accepted to be there for you throughout the wedding planning process too. Surely, you want them to look and feel drop-dead gorgeous as they walk down the aisle.

How to choose beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses they will genuinely love wearing? Here are some helpful tips for you:

Cross Creek Ranch

  • Don’t choose crazy colors. They rarely look good on anyone, and it might be difficult for your bridesmaids to feel great dressed in colors that simply don’t suit them. The same goes for the general design of the dresses as well. Stick to simple cuts, pretty fabrics and nice colors and your bridesmaids will radiate with beauty!
  • Consider the season and time of the day. You want your bridesmaids to be comfortable too – so be sure to think of the weather outside (and the moment of the day as well). Make sure you allow them to wear shawls or jackets if the weather is chillier and the wedding happens outdoors.
  • Let them choose. This is the simplest way to ensure your bridesmaids actually like the dresses for the Big Day. You can either let them choose whatever dress they want (and then connect their looks with the help of the bouquets, for example). Or, if you want to, you can send them swatches and guidelines to purchase dresses they feel truly good in.
  • Keep prices in mind. Remember that your bridesmaids are already spending quite a lot on all the wedding and pre-wedding elements. Be considerate of their budgets and they will be more than appreciative of this!

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