Send your guests off with the perfect wedding favors.

We are about to be full-blown into another exciting wedding season. If you are getting married this fall, you are probably checking off all of those last-minute items on your list. Before you put away that list, have you thought about your wedding favors? Showing appreciation never goes out of style. It’s great to make sure you are sending your loved ones off with something to remember the wedding celebration by.

So what’s the best rule of thumb for picking out your favors? Always opt for gifts your guests will actually use. 
Here is a list of our top 10 favorite wedding favors: 

Jars of honey wedding favors
Professional Photo by Stacy Paul Photography
  • Little mason jars where the filling options are endless! Yummy goodness such as jams, jellies and honey are a few favorites. Simple and charming, mason jars are easy for guests to take home and can be personalized with a custom label.  
Tote bags as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Stacy Paul Photography
  • Fashion and Function are what you will receive when gifting your guests’ cute tote bags. They are perfect for beach days, shopping and traveling. 
Succulents as live place cards and wedding favors
Professional Photo by Rad Red Creative
  • We love succulents! While they are cute, they are also durable and low maintenance. Perfect for guests that don’t naturally have a green thumb. Also, they can double as live place cards. It’s a win-win! 
Ground coffee as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Dewitt For Love Photography
  • Grounded and ready to brew! Coffee can be a super easy DIY favor that will be much loved by your guests. Especially in the morning! Choose a local roaster to add a personalized touch. 
Pre-packaged popcorn as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Rad Red Creative
  • S’mores, popcorn, cookies, macaroons and doughnuts are all great options for pre-packaged sweet treats! Can’t make up your mind? Choose a treat that is inspired by your wedding location, where you first met or where you live.  
Blankets as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Abbey Saxton Photography
  • Although we only have a couple, short months of cold weather here in the sunshine state, blankets are a great seasonal gift to give! Tip: choose a blanket in neutral tones to ensure it works with each guests’ home decor.
Hand-rolled cigars as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Regina As The Photographer
  • Ybor City, located in Tampa, is home to some of the world’s most famous cigar factories. With that being said, you can bring some of that culture into your wedding day. Hire cigar rollers to hand-roll cigars for your guests. They come with cute labels too!
Soap as wedding favors
  • Cute, aromatic and practical. Soaps can be enjoyed by every guest. Whether you choose to DIY or head to a local store, it’s fun to pick out your favorite scent and share it with your loved ones. 
Personalized koozies as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Brittany Morgan Photography
  • To keep your drinks cold! Koozies are inexpensive, easy to personalize and loved by all of your guests.
Wine cork and stopper as wedding favors
Professional Photo by Chi Photography
  • Wine stoppers & bottle openers! There is an incredible selection of designs and styles so you are sure to find one that best represents your wedding day theme! 

We love seeing what each couple gifts their guests on their wedding day. Here at Cross Creek Ranch, every wedding is different and completely customizable!

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