Writing your own vows always sounds like a great idea… until you get hit with writer’s block! Straying from the traditional vows and choosing to write your own is a wonderful way to make your ceremony even more intimate. You are head over heels for your fiance, writing vows should be easy, right?! It may be for some, or it may be surprisingly more difficult than expected. Before you gather your pen and paper, begin reflecting on your relationship. Keep these tips in mind when that writer’s block comes along.


  1. Decide on the style of vow. Meaning, settle on a happy medium between inside jokes and seriousness.
  2. Keep your vows short and sweet. 2-3 minutes is a good length. You can always write an intimate letter to your fiance for them to read before the ceremony.
  3. Talk about their best qualities, even brag about them a little! Tell them why you love them and what qualities they have that you love. Leave out anything embarrassing or negative.
  4. Think of promises you will make to them. Be honest and realistic. Will he promise to start the coffee pot every morning? Will she promise to not nag about the little things (like him leaving the wet towel on the floor… please tell me I’m not alone!!)?
  5. Feel free to use quotes you have found, but don’t let that take over your own vows. Your words are far more important to your fiance.
  6. Do not wait until the night before your wedding to write your vows! You will want time to think, write, reflect and possibly make changes. Extra time will also give you the chance to practice which may help calm your nerves.
  7. Make a copy. You will be happy you did.

The most important thing to remember is the end result – you will have made a promise to love and cherish your fiancé forever and well… you will be married! 🙂

Do you know where you and your fiance will be exchanging vows? At Cross Creek Ranch, you can say them under an majestic old oak tree, in a classic white Chapel or in the beautiful gardens at the French Country Inn. Email us today at info@www.crosscreekranchfl.com to schedule your personal tour and find out more about our different ceremony locations!

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