It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas. Toys in ev’ry store,

but the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be… on your own front door. 

     Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, and the family Christmas party! Ah yes, the hair-pulling, gray-hair inducing, yet fun and exciting Christmas party. December brings busy schedules with family gatherings, and as newlyweds you and your spouse must learn how to mix and mingle with each other’s family. Or maybe you have elected yourself as the hostess with the mostess and you are now beginning to stress about planning and prepping. If this is the case, we hope you find this blog helpful!


  1. Decide when, where and what time.
  2. Put together your guest list and send out invites. To save on paper invitations, you can always create a private event on Facebook to invite.
  3. Make a to-do list and live by it! It will be your best friend, trust us.
  4. Prepare ahead what you can. Soups and stews are a fan favorite during the cooler months and the best part is you can freeze them! Win-win.
  5. Buy in advance pantry items like chips, crackers and even sodas. Stock up in case stores run low on items as the holidays approach.
  6. Ask guests to bring a side dish or dessert. This will be incredibly helpful and save you from cooking all the food. 
  7. Go shopping – for decorations that is! You do not have to overdo it, but what is a Christmas party without festive decor? Oh, and buy a CD with non-lyrical Christmas music. That’ll be the perfect, subtle touch at your party.
  8. The day before the party, decorate and set out everything – like plates, utensils, a self-serve drink station, etc.

     The day of remember to relax and have fun! If you are enjoying yourself your guests will enjoy themselves. Try to not worry if the casserole didn’t turn out just right or if the rolls are a tad burnt… really, simply laugh it off! The holidays are a beautiful and memorable time with your loved ones.

     All of us at Cross Creek Ranch wish you a safe and very Merry Christmas (and a Happy New Year!!!).  

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