Let’s chat about your dream wedding color palette!

Choosing your wedding color palette doesn’t have to be super tricky. You just need to ask yourself a few questions about the sort of mood you’d like to create. For example, vibrant colors tend to evoke a sense of drama whereas softer colors generate more of a romantic feel.  So, how do you choose a color combination that’s beautiful, meaningful, and really personal to you? We talked to Lisa, your Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Designer to get some great tips and advice on everything you should know about choosing your wedding color palette.

Lisa suggests asking yourself a few basic questions first. “What are your favorite colors? What colors do you like to wear? Take a look at your closet! Next, begin looking through Pinterest. Pin all the wedding flowers and decor that catch your eye.” Is there a pattern that emerges? “Don’t forget to check out Cross Creek Ranch’s social media pages. Take a look at what colors look great in the Carriage House Stable, French Country Inn, and The Oak Hall. Use this as inspiration when you start your Pinterest boards.”

Keep in mind the season – what do you see when you think of a certain time of year? Is it pretty pastels or soft rose hues in the Spring? Maybe a harvest color palette like rusty oranges, and hunter greens for the fall? Winter soirées can reflect the colors of the holiday or wintery hues in cream and blue. Summer combinations could be tropical, or citrus-inspired.

Your wedding design should be an extension of your personal style. So choose the elements and colors that you love.

Lastly, Lisa suggests that when you determine your style it can help with choosing your colors too. Check out these 12 styles and color palettes that we found blend well with one another!






Classic Formal






Holiday Inspired

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