All-inclusive wedding venue vs a DIY planning process.

Today we are taking you through the top 4 reasons couples value an all-inclusive wedding venue over a DIY planning process.

1. It’s all in the details! Each wedding is so unique and personalized to ensure that every couple’s vision is met. However, there are certain design and decor elements that are necessary for every couple to consider when you begin planning your wedding. Here is a little breakdown of what you can expect to receive when you book an all-inclusive wedding venue:

wedding venue

2. The Team, the heart and soul of a wedding venue. These well-trained, highly experienced group of individuals will take your wedding experience to the next level. While we are pretty sure your Maid of Honor can kick butt on wedding planning tasks, how great would it be if she was able to just enjoy this process with you and be a guest on your special day? This is what we want for you, your family, and your wedding party. Below is a sneak peek look into the Team included at our Carriage House Stable venue:

wedding venue

3. Let’s take a minute and factor in all of the time and money you’ll save booking experts who are well experienced and have a vast knowledge of the wedding industry. It’s no secret that planning a wedding requires a lot of work and extreme attention to detail. When you book an all-inclusive wedding venue, this is what you are paying for: their expert experience. The years spent perfecting checklists, and procedures, finding out exactly what works best, what does not work, and how they can give you the absolute best experience on your wedding day because truthfully, you deserve it!

wedding venue

4. Now for the easy part, your included vendors! When you break down the cost of a wedding, these are some of the biggest vendors that will be included in your budget: Venue, Rentals, Catering, Wedding Planning + Coordination, Bakery, DJ, and Florist. Just like a box wrapped up in a pretty little bow, your all-inclusive venue already includes these vendors. It’s built into the value of your wedding package.

Image by Juju Photography

From your decor to your vendors we promise you your dream venue is ultimately worth every penny!

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