CONGRATULATIONS you’re married! Now what? Let’s chat about the to-dos after saying “I Do”

Getting married is a moment in your life you’ll remember forever. It’s a celebration-filled day with lots of excitement, love, and time spent with the ones you cherish most! Surely a lot of planning has gone into this day and you can breathe easy now knowing it’s all come together. However, you might be wondering what comes next. Here’s an overview of some tasks you can add to your to-do list and cross off after finishing celebrating your special day! 

Send Out Your Thank You Cards

After the wedding, one of the last things you probably want to think about is sending out a bunch of cards. However, writing and mailing out thank you cards are an extra touch to show guests your appreciation. There are many ways to get creative and personalize your thank you cards. One way to make them unique is by adding photos from your wedding. You might also want to thank each guest specifically for the gift you received from them. Thank you cards are important because your guests took time to celebrate you and your partner on your special day, and that deserves to be appreciated.

To-Dos After Saying "I Do"
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Finalize Your Living Situation

Every living situation is different and finalizing this is a key step to take in moving forward together as a married couple. Perhaps you’re moving in with your spouse for the first time or maybe you’ve lived together before. Regardless of what that looks like for you, it’s important to start thinking about finances, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home. This doesn’t need to be your perfect, forever home but it’s important you start thinking about how much you can afford to pay for a house. Buying a new home is a huge financial purchase and knowing exactly what you can comfortably afford is crucial for long-term success, and can help shape your budget. 

To-Dos After Saying "I Do"
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Change Your Name

If you’ve decided to take your spouse’s last name, you’ll want to ensure you’re following the correct process necessary for your state. There are certain documents required to complete this so make sure you check out a guide on how to change your name and follow all the necessary steps. This process can be quite lengthy and can take some time to complete, however it’ll be worth it in the long run if changing your name is something you and your spouse are looking to do. 

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Celebrate Each Other 

After you’ve gotten married you and your spouse will want to maintain that spark and excitement you had with each other while you were dating. It’s important to continue to celebrate each other, spend time alone, grow with one another, and even schedule date nights specifically dedicated to this practice. Who doesn’t love a spontaneous date adventure with the person they love to keep it interesting and fun? 

To-Dos After Saying "I Do"
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Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can do after your wedding, it’s time to start checking those boxes and embark on your new life together as a married couple! 

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