Exciting new updates and features to our garden venue for weddings and events!

During this unprecedented world wide shut down, we have been keeping busy around the 17 beautiful  acres of Cross Creek Ranch. We have planted additional garden beds all over the property- prepped, painted and primped wherever we saw a need, installed fresh mulch on the walkways and also have two huge projects that we are so excited to share.  We have a vegetable garden, hen house and a new Potting Shed and Plant Nursery.  We hope you enjoy reading about the new Potting Shed.


Original Shed
garden shed transformed

New Garden Venue Features: Potting Shed & Nursery

Bonnie McSharry, owner of Cross Creek Ranch decided to take advantage of the down time during the Covid-19 shutdown and with her maintenance staff, refurbished a run down old storage building that was on an under-utilized part of the property.  Bonnie had a vision to create the ultimate potting shed…kind of part garden shed, part she-shed.  Well take a look at the photos below, we think she delivered on that vision quite spectacularly!

Here are the pencil drawings that Bonnie the Owner put to paper for her crew to create the Potting Shed area and how see wanted the farm tables built.

Shed doors

One room of the Potting Shed will be used to dry flower seeds and various herbs that are also grown on the property.  She designed this drying storage rack and here is the finished piece.  Design and function.

Shed doors

There were lots of extra materials that were being saved all around Cross Creek Ranch, Ms. Bonnie figured out how to use Items from an old shed to repurpose into a storage closet that houses assorted gardening supplies materials.  It really turned into a beautiful but practical piece of furniture.

Shed doors
hobbit door

Saved For Just The Right Project 

This sweetheart of a door had been in Bonnie’s possession for years.  She was shopping in The Antique Barn at Lake Alfred and fell in love with it immediately.  She bought it with no clue as to where it was going to end up, and it had been in storage ever since.  On-staff carpenter Dave custom created the door opening to the herb drying area of the potting shed, especially  for the treasured door.  You should see how the light reflects off of it.  It is just gorgeous!

Screened Windows at Potting Shed

Open Air For a Nice Breeze.

The windows to the drying area can be lifted open and screens have been added so you can enjoy a fresh breeze while working the day away.  There are so many gorgeous inspiration She Sheds to check out….Here’s some of our favorites from Country Living.


Plants. Plants. And More Plants!

We have been so busy during the shutdown making new plantings.  We brought in great dirt, added from our own compost and the plants are digging it!  We have tons of macho ferns, pentas, hibiscus, oak trees, mint and rosemary, just to name a few.

Screened Windows at Potting Shed

Farm Tables from Scratch.

The three farm tables located in the Potting Shed area are not only perfect for planting projects, but will also be perfect for a intimate dinner or crafting classes.  They are under cover and under shade of the big oak trees.  They were constructed from scrap wood that had been saved from many projects around Cross Creek Ranch and have been sealed and stained to protect from the elements.

Screened Windows at Potting Shed

If It Doesn't Match, Spray Paint It & Start Over!

Bonnie has a way of repurposing so many things, including this totally cool shelf that was used for a special event at The Ranch.  It used to be white,  but with a quick coat of black spray paint, it has a whole new look – ta dah!  Here’s some great spray painting tips & tricks.  She also loves chalk paint, but that’s whole other topic on it’s own 🙂


Screened Windows at Potting Shed

Read a Book or Dry Herbs?

What great choices!  This is the drying area of the Potting Shed that is used to dry herbs and flower seeds.  But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be inviting as well as functional.

Screened Windows at Potting Shed

Room for Storage and It's Pretty!

This hutch used to be located on The Cottage back porch,  but is now being put to work in the Potting Shed.  So many ways to repurpose,  check out these storage ideas.

100% Organic

This custom made farm table made from the wood pile is so sturdy and well made, that this has to be it’s permanent home!  It’s the perfect place for planting, propagating flowers and herbs.  It’s just great for gathering around for a crafting project.  Check out our neighbors at Kerby’s Nursery to add to your plant collection and landscaping projects. 

If you don’t have wood to upcycle or are not up for DIY, check out local company WoodTide for custom made to order farm tables.

farm table

Special Events


Coming Soon

Learn how to grow and dry herbs.  And then learn how to create your very own rosemary wreath. 

Veggie garden

Coming Soon

Learn how to cook with fresh herbs from the garden.


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