Nowadays almost everyone is on social media! You may have hundreds (maybe thousands!) of friends who actively follow you online. This is important to keep in mind when your dear friend or sibling gets engaged. To avoid an upset bride you need to be aware of a few simple but crucial rules . . .


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# 1 Never Ever Post Before the Bride

This should be a given, but unfortunately it happens. Refrain from announcing it to the social media world until the bride shares the exciting news with her family and closest friends first.

# 2 Do NOT Livestream the Proposal, Engagement Party or any Pre-Wedding Day Activities

Must we even say it? . . . What if the proposal doesn’t go as planned? Could you imagine that being broadcasted all over social media. Petrifying to say the least! As for the other wedding planning festivities, be cautious about what you share online. The bride may want everything to be a complete surprise for her guests on the big day! Obvious “no-nos” would be a photo of her dress, or flower arrangements, or cake design, . . . you catch my drift.

# 3 Keep Private Moments Private 

Although there are many incredibly sweet moments on the wedding day, the bride may not want them to be publicized. Most brides probably won’t mind but some may, and her wishes should be respected. If you have the privilege to watch those intimate moments, put down the phone and be present. We can guarantee the photographer will be there to capture every emotion – it’s what he or she lives for.

# 4 Use the Couple’s Hashtag 

Use it! More than likely the bride thought really hard about creating the perfect catchy hashtag, and it is a great way to make sharing photos easy. The couple can see all the photos taken by their guests in one general location. Simplicity at it’s finest. Also tag the couple in the photos! They will love having those memories while they wait to receive their professional photos.

#5 Let the Photographer Do His/her Job

Why, why is this so difficult for people to understand? The couple invested in a professional photographer. Please refrain from leaning into the aisle so you can take a photo of their first kiss. As much as the couple loves you they most likely do not want your head or phone in their wedding photos. Would you?

# 6 Enjoy the Photo Booth (if available)

Photo booths are fun!!! Grab your friends and go all out! Grab the newlyweds and take funny photos with them too! You’ll create great memories to laugh about later on.


Image by Rad Red Creative

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