To peek or not to peek? We have all seen those first look photos that bring tears to our eyes and make us want to be that bride in that moment, right? Of course we have! First looks are a magical and heartwarming moment (that make for great photos!), but some couples believe that seeing their hubby- or wife-to-be before the ceremony is a big no-no.

You may or may not be on the fence about doing a first look with your fiance right before your wedding ceremony, but whichever you decide just remember it will be a beautiful moment you will never forget. This trend is on the rise, but even then, many couples still choose to keep things traditional and that is most certainly okay too! We have come up with a few pros and cons to bring to your attention, but ultimately you should decide after creating your own list.


– More intimate for you and your soon-to-be spouse.
– Fewer butterflies for the ceremony.
– Allows time to exchange gifts or personal vows/letters.
– You can do your couple photos so after your ceremony you only need to do formal photos with your wedding party and family.
– More time to socialize with your guests after formal photos are complete.

-You don’t get to share this moment with loved ones.
-It may take away from the excitement of walking down the aisle.
-Makeup and hair may need to be refreshed.
-Bad luck, if you believe.
-This gives you less time with taking “getting ready” photos with your bridesmaids.

What are your pros and cons? Please share with us your experience, whether you did or didn’t do a first look. We want to hear from you!

At Cross Creek Ranch, we work hard to make all your wedding day visions come true, including your first look if desired. Email us at to learn more about us and what our all-inclusive wedding packages offer!

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