Planning a wedding is an exciting time – having the freedom to customise your very own day is a dream come true for many. However, with so much to organize before your big day, it can also be a bit overwhelming and stressful. 

It’s no small decision to spend the rest of your life with someone, so experiencing some anxiety as the day gets closer is entirely normal. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can safeguard your mental health when planning a wedding, and using tried and tested relaxation techniques is one way to keep your nerves under control. Here, we’ve made a list of a few of our favourites.

Breathing exercises

Simple breathing exercises can dramatically reduce physical stress symptoms by helping to increase oxygen levels and slow down your heart rate. You could incorporate breathing exercises into your routine in the lead up to your wedding, or even use them on the day itself. Breathing exercises are the best option for calming nerves on the day of your wedding as they can be done anywhere, at any time, to provide immediate calming effects.


Meditation is a well-known relaxation technique, but many people underestimate the benefits it can bring. Meditating trains your mind to focus properly, pushing aside any worries or stressful thoughts. Be patient, as it can take some time practising meditation until you really see the benefits – think of it like a new habit for your body to adjust to. 

Once your brain is familiar with meditation, it can act almost as a safe space for you to explore your worries without feeling as stressed. It teaches you to follow your stream of thoughts rather than jumping from one thing to another, exploring the underlying cause of your stress. It’s much easier to relax when you’re aware of the problem, as you can often break it down into small things you could do to relieve the stress. 

For example, if you’re feeling stressed about getting to the venue, opt for a professional service that can guarantee you’ll arrive in plenty of time. Small changes can sometimes make a world of difference.


Starting yoga in the weeks leading up to your wedding can be a great idea – it can help to promote mindfulness and getting your body moving provides a focus. Yoga encompasses breathing exercises and meditation as well, it’s really just going one step further. 

Alongside the mental benefits, yoga can help to relieve tension and pain in the body which indirectly benefits the mind. The body often becomes tense when you’re experiencing stress, so relieving that tension can do wonders for your mental health. You may find it easier to utilise the breathing techniques and meditation during yoga if your body is particularly tense, making it a great option.

It’s all about finding what works best for you, as what helps one person may not make much of a difference for another. Just know that it’s entirely normal to experience jitters as it gets close to your wedding day. Try talking to your partner about how you’re feeling too, since they’ll probably be experiencing similar feelings which can be really reassuring to know.

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