Just when you think you have covered every detail of your wedding, you soon realize you haven’t given much thought to your rehearsal dinner. Traditionally the rehearsal dinner is held the day prior to the wedding and most often, immediately following the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner is an intimate opportunity for the couple, wedding party and families to mingle before the busy wedding day begins. It is an important part of your wedding weekend, and naturally you may feel overwhelmed wondering who to invite, when to invite, who pays, what kind of attire, etc. To help ease your mind, read on for answers to common rehearsal dinner questions.

Who comes to the Rehearsal Dinner?

Commonly invited would be your parents and siblings, the wedding party and their dates, and your officiant/pastor. This is just a short list, ultimately it is your choice who to invite. Depending on the total, you may or may not want to invite more guests. Beyond this list, some couples choose to invite out-of-town guests and extended family.

How and when do you send the invitations? 

Rehearsal dinner invitations do not have to be nearly as formal as the wedding invitation, but everyone coming should receive an invite of some sort. If the dinner will be more on the formal side, send a formal invitation. However if the dinner will be more on the casual side, a phone call or online invitation is perfectly acceptable. As with any event, invitations should be sent out in a timely manner. The most common time frame is 4-6 weeks prior to your rehearsal date.

Who pays for the Rehearsal Dinner?

In keeping with tradition, the groom’s side plans and pays for the rehearsal dinner, under the assumption the bride’s family pays for the wedding. Over the years etiquette and traditions have changed and developed, but for many couples this is still the tradition. It is highly encouraged for each couple to openly discuss this with their families, similar to the who’s paying for the wedding conversation. Talking openly with family about who’s paying for what and the budget will help avoid stress and obstacles.

How formal should the Rehearsal Dinner be?

It is entirely up to you! How wonderful is that?! It can be as formal or informal as you would like, depending on your budget and desires.

Where should I have my Rehearsal Dinner?

This is easy to answer. Host it at the French Country Inn at Cross Creek Ranch! Our professional team will set-up, break-down and clean-up your rehearsal dinner so you don’t have to! Uniformed banquet staff and an event hostess are included, and catering is covered by the best! Allow us to take the stress away from planning your rehearsal dinner, ultimately making it an enjoyable experience from the time you arrive!

Contact us today at Info@CrossCreekRanchFL.com to book your Rehearsal Dinner.



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