Your wedding was unforgettable and the honeymoon was phenomenal, but now it’s time to get back to the real world. Even though the wedding has passed, your work is not yet finished – bummer! Below are two things that are really important to do post-wedding!


  1. Write your thank you cards. Living in the South, etiquette is a big deal! Start right after you return from your incredibly fun honeymoon because, believe it or not, writing thank you cards will require time. You want to not only thank each guest for their gift(s), you should also thank them for sharing such an important day with you and your spouse!
  2. Change your name. Woo-hoo! The process of changing your name may not be fun to some, but taking your spouse’s name is super exciting no matter what! Here are a few steps you must take in order to change your name:
    -Request several certified copies of your marriage license from the same location you applied for your marriage application. It is generally a requirement to present a copy of your marriage license in order to change your name.
    -Change your Social Security card. Either visit your local SS office or go to the Social Security Administration’s website to fill out the SS-5 application and mail it or drop it off at the local office. Don’t fret, your SS number will remain the same and only your name will change. Once you receive your new SS card in the mail in about 10 business days, you may continue the name changing process!
    -Change your license. Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles and remember to take your current license, a certified copy of your marriage license and your new SS card.
    -Change your bank account information. The fastest way to update your account information and request a new card(s)/checks would be to visit your nearest branch. Take your new license and a certified copy of your marriage license.
    -Change minor things. To throw some ideas out there for you… passport, employer’s payroll, credit cards, voter registration, insurance companies, bills, email addresses/social media accounts, and pretty much anything else that has your name associated with it. 🙂

It may seem overwhelming, believe us, just take it step-by-step and before you know it you will officially be “Mrs. Smith” everywhere!

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