What you should know when planning your wedding using Pinterest

We live in a digital world, where information and inspiration are available to us 24/7, especially through sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok. With a large number of couples using Pinterest to share their wedding visions with their planners, it is safe to say that pinning on this platform has become a significant part of the planning process. But are you taking full advantage of the social media site or allowing it to take advantage of you?  We talked to Lisa, your Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Designer to get some great tips and advice on everything you should know about planning your wedding on Pinterest.

“Pinterest can be so helpful but sometimes it is not your friend!” – Lisa, Cross Creek Ranch Wedding Designer

What to use Pinterest for

Lisa suggests first creating boards for each category. One for your color palette, one for your flowers, ceremony, guest tables, sweetheart tables, etc. Organization is key!

Utilize your captions! Have you ever been scrolling through one of your boards but can’t remember why you pinned something? Use the captions to note why you liked that pin. For example, was it the hair piece or the hairstyle? Was it lace on the veil or the length? Was it the flowers in the centerpiece or the décor around it? This will also be helpful for your designer as she looks at your wedding day board.

Keep your expectations in check. “Just be aware that some of the photos that you see on Pinterest are staged photo shoots and may not be practical. Your design should not only look good but should work too. For example, if your centerpieces are too big and bulky for your guests to talk to one another, that is a design fail. If there is not enough room on the table for all of the decor, glassware, and dining ware, that is also a design fail.” – Lisa

“Also be clear that some incredible weddings that you see on social media have incredible budgets. Set your expectations – you are using Pinterest as inspiration. Use it to curate your ideas and use it for reference when creating your design elements” – Lisa

Pro tip: narrow down your favorite pins. Before your design meeting. Revisit your boards to weed out any pins that are no longer relevant. Delete any ideas you are no longer head-over-heels in love with anymore. Wedding trends are constantly changing so be cautious when scrolling through ideas so you don’t find yourself overwhelming your boards.

Although Pinterest is great for inspiration, work with your designer to add your own touch to the ideas you have pinned. Personal elements are great to add to your design! Your wedding is a reflection of you and your fiancé, so use Pinterest as a guide but don’t hesitate to think outside of the box. You never know, you just may start a new pin-worthy trend!

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