Are you pinning your way through the wedding planning process?

We live in a digital world, where information and inspiration is available to us 24/7, which gives engaged couples an endless supply of inspiration to help create their magical day.  With a large amount of brides using Pinterest to share their wedding visions with their planners, it is probably safe to say that pinning on Pinterest has become a significant part of the planning process. But are you taking full advantage of the social media site or allowing it to take advantage of you? 

     Here are tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding with Pinterest:

      • Make the board secret! This gives you the privacy to pin as much as you desire without annoying your followers and keeps your favorite potential ideas hidden from guests. However, we do recommend inviting your designer to view your board, maybe also your mother or bridesmaids. It is nice to have other’s opinions, but don’t let anyone sway you from what you want.
      • Utilize the captions. Have you ever been scrolling through one of your boards, but then can’t remember why you pinned something? Use the captions to note why you liked that pin. For example, was it the hair piece or the hair style? Was it lace on the veil or the length? Was it the flowers in the centerpiece or the décor around it? This will also be helpful for your designer as she looks on your wedding day board.
      • Consider creating multiple secret wedding boards. This will help you stay even more organized instead of one jumbling everything into one wedding board. Separate your boards into categories such as venue/décor, dress, beauty, flowers, cake/desserts, bridal party, etc.
      • Keep your expectations in check. That couture dress you just love oh-so-much may not be within your budget. That stunning bouquet of blush peonies might not be in season for your wedding. We don’t want you to lose the excitement of pinning these gorgeous ideas, but do use Pinterest to help your recreate the idea within your resources and budget.
      • Narrow down favorites. Once you decide on a theme, revisit your boards to weed out any pins that are no longer relevant. Delete any ideas you are no longer head-over-heels in love with anymore. Bought your dress and accessories? Clean out that board, too. Wedding trends are constantly changing so be cautious of looking too much, or you may overwhelm your wedding boards again.

Although Pinterest is great for inspiration, work with your designer to add your own touch on the ideas you have pinned. We have had a couple bring in a quilt handmade by Grandma for guests to sign rather than a guest book or frame – certainly can’t buy that anywhere. Have something you love so much you want to display at your reception? Add it to the design!

Your wedding is a reflection of you and your fiancé, so use Pinterest as a guide but don’t hesitate to think outside of the box. You never know, you just may start a new Pinterest-worthy trend!



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