Planning A 2023 Wedding Post-Covid

2023 is almost here, and your wedding is coming up! While the pandemic pushed many weddings back, things are finally starting to return to normal! Despite everyone being happy to be back to normal, the pandemic still left its mark and affects some things. Venues and vendors are facing their busiest times with everyone trying to recover from the abrupt stop in ceremonies. Start checking in with your wedding party, finalize your decorations and color schemes, and pick up the dress and tux. Make any final decisions and changes now so when the big day is finally here, there won’t be any surprises. Keep reading for some tips on getting ready for your 2023 wedding!

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Take A Look At Your Venue

The world has changed since before 2020, and your venue may have as well. Make sure to check in to see if any policies, such as setup or guest number limits, are in place. Another policy to look into and have clarity on if it’s offered is an all-inclusive wedding and what that plan entails. While a 2023 wedding may have been planned and set up well in advance, the venue might’ve made some changes since, and you’ll want to be sure to catch anything before it’s too late. You’ll also want to ensure your seating and table arrangements still work within the space. Some venues may have added outdoor areas that weren’t there before, so if you’d like to make the move to an outdoor wedding, now might be the time to make that change. Checking in on the venue before your wedding can ensure things will run smoothly on your big day.

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Account For Inflation

In 2022, inflation increased by about 7.1%. The spike in costs has impacted every aspect of life, including the wedding industry. You may want to consider taking a look at your budget for the wedding and make sure there aren’t any dramatic changes. Some costs may have gone up, and anything that wasn’t already purchased may be at a different higher price. Do your research on the current costs and adjust accordingly. Unfortunately, your budget may have to be increased and alternative funding options should be taken into consideration if inflation has affected your plan. If you own a home, take a look at 30-year refinance rates. With lower monthly payments, you’ll be able to put the savings each month toward the wedding. Your initial wedding plans may even need to be changed to adjust for inflation – this may mean choosing different set-ups or deciding on different wedding favors. Making sure you’re prepared for any price changes early on can reduce your stress as your wedding day approaches.

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Check-In With Your Vendors

This wedding may have been planned before or during the pandemic, which means you’ve probably had to make many changes along the way. 2022 was the biggest wedding season in 40 years, and as such, many weddings were pushed to 2023. Wedding vendors are still adjusting their businesses to the post-COVID world. Especially with the increase in postponed weddings, vendors are working overtime to accommodate all the new deadlines. Checking in with your vendors every few months to reconfirm plans can give you peace of mind that everything will be done for the wedding and can help you be aware of any last-minute changes that have to be made. With continuing supply chain issues, your original plans for decorations and floral arrangements may need to be redone. Remember to also be kind and courteous to your vendors. They’re trying to make your big day special too, as well as many other customers. Be respectful as you try to navigate the changes you may have to make no matter the reason behind the adjustment.

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Both planning in advance, checking in and being aware of any changes you’ll possibly need to make will all help lessen the stress of wedding planning. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and the struggles that come with it. Don’t be blindsided by the stress of planning in preparation for your big day!

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