Your wedding is completely unique – just as you and your-to-be are. From the very moment you walk down the aisle to the moment you bid your farewell, everything about this event should be gorgeous, unforgettable and truly special too.

Your wedding music makes absolutely no exception from this. But how do you personalize your playlist in a way that really fits you and who you are as a couple? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Discuss things first. You may be a little bit country and he may be a little bit rock’n’roll, but you still have to find a bridge that connects your musical tastes – especially for the special moments of the wedding. Discuss your favorite genres, bands and songs and see which ones suit you and your love story the most.
  • Forget about tradition. Yes, there are certain circumstances when you might not be allowed to play the music you want (such as if you choose to have a church wedding, for example). Other than that, nothing and nobody should dictate what songs to play at each of the wedding highlights.
  • Modernize the old. If you want to make sure everyone is happy with your musical choices (especially for the more traditional moments of the wedding – such as when you walk down the aisle), choose new versions of old songs. For example, if your mom insists that you walk down the aisle on Here Comes the Bride, find a modern version of this song and play it at your wedding.

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