Get inspired by our top 10 favorite wedding cakes

We have searched over 100 wedding cakes to find you our absolute favorites. We are obsessed with their designs and flavors!

These couples considered four very important aspects when choosing their big day cake. The first is color. Gone are the days of all-white cakes! We are seeing couples experiment with blue, green and even black. The second choice to consider is the flavor. It’s your wedding day, so choose the fillings and flavors you love the most! Your third option to consider is the number of tiers. If you are not a cake lover, go for a one-tier cutting cake. You still get to enjoy the cherished tradition without having to fork out the cost. The last thing for you to consider and probably the most important, your design! We suggest waiting until you meet with your designer before you go to your cake tasting. That way you have already chosen your colors, flowers, and vibe of your wedding day. 

Now, that’s enough cake talk! Scroll below to see some seriously delicious inspiration! All of the cakes were expertly created by Alessi Bakeries.

1. Gold dripped semi-naked wedding cake. An almond flavored wedding cake with mocha buttercream filling.

Gold dripped wedding cake
Professional Photo by Rad Red Creative

2.Dusty Blue Watercolor Wedding Cake. The bottom tier is a white flavor with fresh fruit mousse and the top tier is a chocolate flavor with fresh raspberry mousse.

Blue watercolor wedding cake
Professional Photo by Darin Crofton Photography

3.Boho Macrame Wedding Cake. This cake has a lemon flavor on both tiers with a raspberry mousse.

Macrame wedding cake
Professional Photo by Rad Red Creative

4.Blush and Marble Glam Wedding Cake. This cake has a yellow cake flavor for all three tiers. The first tier filling is Bavarian with raspberry puree, the second tier filling is raspberry mousse and the third tier is raspberry cream cheese with raspberry puree.

Glam wedding cake
Professional Photo by JuJu Photography

5.Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Gold Flecks. Both tiers are a yellow cake flavor with chocolate buttercream filling.

Gold fleck wedding cake
Professional Photo by Regina As The Photographer

6.Tropical Palm Leaf Wedding Cake. Alessi Bakeries offers tropical flavors like almond, pineapple, and coconut. They also offer tropical fillings such as pineapple mousse and fresh tropical fruit.

Tropical wedding cake
Professional Photo by Lifelong Photography

7.Holiday Inspired Wedding Cake with Sweater Designs. Each tier on this cake has a chocolate flavor with princess mousse.

Winter wedding cake
Professional Photo by K & K Photography

8.Burgundy Geode Wedding Cake. The bottom tier of this cake is white with Reese’s peanut butter mousse. The top tier is yellow with a Nutella mousse.

geode wedding cake
Professional Photo by Golden Aura Photography

9.Simple Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Cake. Both tiers on this cake are lemon flavor with raspberry puree filling.

Harry Potter Wedding cake
Professional Photo by Cassie Peach Photography

10.Black Wedding Cake with Cascading Florals. Each tier has a marble flavor. The top tier has cookies and fudge mousse filling, the second tier has a fudge filling and the bottom tier has cookies and cream mousse filling.

Black wedding cake
Professional Photo by Olive and Birch Photography

Cake table designs and florals by Cross Creek Ranch. Cake flowers by Alta Fleura.

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