$35,329. Thirty-five thousand three hundred twenty-nine dollars!

     This number represents the national average amount a couple spends on their wedding day. Here’s another slightly terrifying fact – according to studies that is $3,000 more than last year. Wondering where in this country are the most and least expensive places to get married?

We’ve got the answers!

     Ringing in at nearly a whopping $78,500, Manhattan is reported to be the most expensive place to get married. As for the least expensive, well that would be Arkansas with an average wedding cost at $19,500. Being as Cross Creek Ranch is located in Florida we were curious to learn about the average wedding cost and much to our surprise it is roughly $48,600 to tie the knot in the Sunshine State.

     Below is a breakdown of the 2016 National Averages according to The Knot.
     We highly recommend for newly engaged couples to do their research early on in the planning process to help prevent sticker shock. Prepare a list (like below) then determine the cost of each one and how much time it will take you or a family member to orchestrate all the details of each vendor.

     Cross Creek Ranch makes planning and budgeting EASY. How? Simply by being an ALL-INCLUSIVE wedding venue. Our affordable wedding packages include all decor, set up + break down, most vendors and so much more!

     To learn more about having your wedding at Cross Creek Ranch, contact us today at 813-651-0934 or by simply filling out the contact form (click here).  You can also email us at info@www.crosscreekranchfl.com.

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