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Being a mother is the kind of job that never actually ends. Of course, you love your son or your daughter and you surely love the one he/she has chosen to share his/her life with too – so you will want to help them with as much as possible when it comes to the wedding day.

What are some of the tasks you will have to run before and during the big day? Read on and find out more.

  • Manage your part of the guest list. First of all, do talk to the bride and groom and see how many people they can afford inviting at the wedding and adjust your part of the guest list according to that. This is a stressful time in the couple’s life, so be understanding if they cannot invite everyone you may want to.
  • Find the perfect dress. As the mother of the bride or groom, you want to be really well-dressed on the wedding day – so make sure to search for a dress that flatters your body and your personal style too. Also, do make sure to discuss with the bride and with the other mother to see if your dress has to be coordinated in any way (with the bridesmaids’ dresses, for example).
  • Share the bridal registry news. Since the couple will not be able to add bridal registry information on their invitations, they will have to rely on the word of mouth (and maybe their wedding website) to spread the news. Help them with this by sharing the information with your part of the wedding guests!

Cross Creek Ranch is a charming wedding venue in Tampa Bay, Florida – so if your son or daughter wants his/her wedding to take place here, make sure you get him/her acquainted with us! They will not regret choosing us!



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