Cross Creek Ranch

Your wedding doesn’t have to have hundreds of guests to be amazing. As long as you are surrounded by people who really care about you and whom you genuinely like, your wedding is going to be unforgettable, amazing and truly emotional – and no, you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance of the event or its beauty in general.

How to have an intimate wedding everyone will love? Read on and find out more.

  • Keep the basics in high standards. There are a lot of things you can save money on (including the very fact that your wedding guest list will be short). And yet, there are some wedding elements you really shouldn’t save on, but rather splurge. Your music, your food, and your drinks are among these things. Your guests don’t need the fanciest caviar to be happy, and they can definitely have fun without the most expensive champagne too – but as long as what you provide them is delicious and good-looking, they will love it.
  • Keep the party on. Don’t limit yourself to the reception only. Since your guest list will be smaller, you can definitely plan a reception that your guests will truly love. Dance, have fun and make for memories you will never, ever forget!
  • Games and entertainment. Aside from a good DJ or band, consider the option of hiring other entertainers too – such as dancers, for example. Also, having a photo booth at your wedding is a really great idea and guests will surely love it.

Cross Creek Ranch is an elegant nature-inspired ranch located in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you are searching for a great venue, and if you want it to be rustic and sophisticated at the same time, make sure to contact us and schedule your tour of our grounds!


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