An evening of elegance was the perfect backdrop for Brandon and Lauren’s Open-Air Chapel wedding in Central Florida.  They chose glamorous details that complimented the rustic style of their special day. The color palette selected brought out richness throughout the venue which matched their style perfectly.  Combining touches of blush mixed with rich navy tones provoked the romance in the most beautiful way.

Timeless accents with soft romantic colors of florals created by Cross Creek Ranch’s floral team adorned the venue complimented by Alta Fleura’s bouquet floral designs which matched the invitations perfectly.  Brandon and Lauren truly created a beautiful experience for their guests to enjoy joining them in an elegant open-air chapel wedding followed by a celebration of their marriage in the enclosed stable.

Our priorities were for sure finding an enchanting venue and amazing food. Cross Creek Ranch is such a breathtaking venue that you literally feel like time has stopped. From the moss-covered trees to the rustic barn and open-air chapel each element really made our vision come to life!


Attire and Special Moments 

Brandon wore a classic fitted tweed suit complemented with a deer lapel pin which tied into the rustic wedding theme.  Prior to the open-air chapel ceremony, it was a special moment observing Brandon pinning his son’s half antler lapel.  Growing up competing in pageants for most of her life, Lauren chose an elegant lace dress with simple beading on the belt adding a touch of class to her rustic theme.  Both Brandon and Lauren changed prior to the reception.  Looking priceless in her Lulu Bariano Ocean of Elegance Ivory Maxi Dress, Lauren stole the show during their first dance.  Brandon selected a slim fitting suit with loafers to relax in and mingle with his guests.

Several surprising and precious moments were included throughout the day but one endearing to Lauren was when she surprised Brandon by having one of his friends sing “Make Me Whole” by Amel Larrieux as he walked down the aisle.  For their unity, Brandon built a special cross which held the strands they tied together in unification symbolizing strength inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Rad Red Creative captured the timeless beauty of this special day in both photo and cinematic form.

After the wedding, it was incredible to hang out with friends and family – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Brandon danced with his mom, and later that evening we had a bonfire, smores, and a ton of outdoor games that made it a fun time for everyone.

Cross Creek Ranch was amazing! The planning process made everything so easy, we had little to do or worry about. Choosing an all-inclusive venue is one of the best decisions we made.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

Our advice is pretty simple – take your time! We were engaged for over a year and it was one of the best things we ever did. It allowed us to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it with minimal stress. Also, it is your day – other people mean well but at the end of the day you are the ones that have to live with it so make sure you’re happy!

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