Cross Creek Ranch

With a bit of care for details, your wedding is bound to be absolutely splendid – and thankfully, this year’s trends are more than generous when it comes to ideas that are beautiful, elegant and delicate.

What are some of the best ideas you could “steal” for your Big Day? Read on and find out more.

  • Hanging décor. Lovely and unique, hanging décor will add a whole new dimension to your wedding venue. Hanging flower arrangements or even umbrellas can add so much to your event’s ambiance that it will be almost impossible to resist them!
  • As part of a new wave of vintage wedding trends, dahlias are very popular this year – and why wouldn’t they? These gentle, gorgeous and versatile flowers can work with a variety of wedding themes and wedding color schemes – which makes them perfect for a lot of couples!
  • Want to create a whimsical appeal for your wedding? Or maybe send out an environmentally-conscious message? If so, include as much greenery as possible into your wedding day décor! It will look fantastic, it will be eco-friendly and it will also save you a lot of money!
  • Family-style. While classic sit-down dinners will never go out of fashion, this year is witnessing the growth of another, more casual trend as well: the family-style dinner. Perfect for a couple who wants to bring their guests in a more intimate environment!

Cross Creek Ranch is a superb wedding venue inspired by the beauty of nature and by the timeless elegance of rustic-chic events. Perfect for a unique, unforgettable wedding, our venue is waiting for your visit – so contact us, schedule a tour and we guarantee you will be charmed by what we offer!



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