Wedding pet care for your best day ever.

Calling all animal lovers, did you know you can include your pet in your wedding? If that question leaves you feeling overwhelmed or stressed, allow us to introduce you to Wedding Pet Care! We have teamed up with FairyTail Pet Care to give you a better insight on how you can have a relaxed and fun wedding day with your pups!

“Wedding day pet care is much more than just bringing a dog (or cat, or any other pet!) to the venue to walk down the aisle. In order to ensure things go smoothly, we create comprehensive pet profiles & carefully plan each wedding with their individual personalities in mind.”

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“This will almost always include arriving at the venue early to allow the dog to sniff around & familiarize themselves with a new environment. We would never want to just show up & ask the dog to pose for photos or walk down the aisle without properly getting acquainted with their surroundings first. “

“Having time on our side is important for high energy dogs so that they have time to properly release their energy, but can also be especially prudent for dogs with anxiety to give them the opportunity to get comfortable in a new place. We stay in constant communication with the pet throughout the day, doing our best to make sure all of their needs are being met while also carefully monitoring their energy levels. There is a fine line between a happy, tired pup & an exhausted, overwhelmed pup.”

“Beyond ensuring our Dogs of Honor are living their best life, we are also there to coordinate their part in the wedding day. Without question, we want to help our couple’s get the pawfect photos with their pet. We work closely with the photographer to make this a fun & stress free experience for everyone! Many couple’s also want their pet to play a role in the ceremony & we’re there to make this possible while also guaranteeing that it won’t become a distraction at all & that all guests will be able to remain completely present.”

“Before the reception begins & the food & dancing commences, we will head out with the pet to get them back home safe & sound. Even the most high energy dog is tuckered out after their FairyTail wedding so the couple can enjoy the rest of their evening knowing their baby is all taken care of for the night.”

We also asked if they had any tips for those couples who are considering having their furry friend join them on their big day. “Our number one tip to a couple that wants to include their pet in their wedding day is to truly consider their personality. Despite what many think, walking down the aisle during the ceremony is not the only way to incorporate them into your day & may not be the best fit for every pet. Think about what would make them happy & comfortable on your wedding day & be prepared to remain flexible.”

We love, love, love having animals on property! However, we do suggest that you look into booking a professional pet care company. If you have any questions regarding our animal policies, give us a call today! Wedding pet care information by FairyTail Pet Care.

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