Find the perfect photographer to capture all your wedding day moments.

After you booked your venue, your next step is to book your photographer. But, how do you find the right one? We teamed up with three of our preferred photographers to bring you advice on how to find the photographer of your dreams. 

Start by browsing 

“I recommend looking at Pinterest, Instagram, just taking in a lot of photos and saving/pinning them. Once you do this you can start to see a pattern in what you’re drawn to in the work of many different people! “ – Dewitt For Love

Choose a style 

“ There are SO many styles of photography these days, and honing in on the one that most speaks to you is one of your first jobs when it comes to choosing a photographer. Do you find yourself drawn to work that is dreamily dark and moody, or love bright, clean imagery that looks like a window pane into your day?” – Sarah & Ben

“Also consider if you like more traditional style photos and posing for something more photojournalist and candid. There are also lots of well experience wedding photographers who do a mix of both as the wedding day calls for it, because there are times when you need a more traditional “smiling, looking at the camera” photo and there are times when capturing the moment is needed. Someone who has been doing weddings for several years can determine when each style is needed.” – Rad Red Creative

Image by Rad Red Creative
Bouquets by Alta Fleura

Decide on a budget

“Let’s face it, nobody likes talking about budgets. But figuring out the moolah you have to work with should be one of the earliest conversations in this process. Figure out your top priorities for your wedding day, and then allot your budget accordingly.” – Sarah & Ben 

“You can expect that a well experience photographer in Tampa Bay with professional gear (and backup gear) will cost you anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 for the entire day. If thats not something you are willing to pay there are several up and coming photographers with less experience but also talented in their own right who will fit within a lower budget.” – Rad Red Creative 

Reach out to a few photographers

Once you have decided those things reach out to 2-3 photographers within your style of choosing for more information and pricing, don’t overload yourself with more than that. “ – Rad Red Creative 

Tips on what to include in the inquiry

 “Now that you’ve narrowed down whose style, editing, and vibe you love, REACH OUT! Here are some tips on what to include in the “perfect” inquiry email!…

  1. Include your date, venue, Ceremony start time, Reception end time, and where you’ll be getting ready (if you don’t have these items figured out just yet, that’s okay!)! This will help your Photographer get an idea of how much time they’ll need to capture the day!
  2. Include a little bit about what you loved about their work and how you discovered them! This will give them an idea of your style and what drew you to them!
  3. Include some information about you and your fiancé! What do you do for a living, any fun ideas you have for the Wedding, how you met, and what is most important to you on the Wedding Day (is it checking off a list of photos? Or having more candid moments captured?, etc.).
  4. Include your budget!! It may be scary and you may not even know (this is okay too!), but if you do have a budget this will help your Photographer to see…1) If their services are not in-budget, 2) If they have a custom package they could put together to get closer to/under budget, or 3) If they know another Photographer with a similar style that may be a better match!
  5. Respond, Respond, Respond! Haha! I know this should go without saying, but it is SO important to make sure you are replying to your Vendors. Do not assume that your date can’t be booked up by someone else! Don’t ghost anyone, and if they are out of budget simply thank them for their time OR do yourself a favor and ask for referrals for those at a lower price point!” – Dewitt For Love
Image by Dewitt For Love
Bouquet by Alta Fleura

Meet/Talk with the photographer 

“Set up a phone call, Zoom, or meeting (once we’re allowed) to ask questions, perhaps view a few more galleries, and to see if you’re a good fit! “ – Dewitt For Love 

Image by Dewitt For Love

Besides price also consider how you vibe with your photographer because you will be spending LOTS of time with them so you want to have a comfortable relationship.” – Rad Red Creative 

Image by Rad Red Creative
Bouquet by Alta Fleura

“”We always recommend to couples (even after meeting us) that they also chat with a few other photographers to make sure they not only find work they love but also the best personality match. You spend more time on your big day with your photographer than you even do with your hubs or wife to be, so make sure you find someone whose work you love and who’s heart you love even more. “ – Sarah & Ben 

Image by Sarah and Ben

Book your photographer 

“Once you’ve made your choice, let your pick know asap that you have decided to book them! Make sure you ask (or have already asked) about their booking process, and get ready to read through your agreement and invoice together, and ask any questions!” – Dewitt For Love

“Side note: the number one regret we get from all of their couples is they wish they had budgeted for VIDEO, this is something we highly recommend doing! Photos are amazing and a video won’t take away from that. But there is nothing like hearing those vows again year after year!” – Rad Red Creative 

Image by Rad Red Creative

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