Meet Christy and Nathan, two incredibly sweet people who make an even sweeter couple. Their fun-spirited personalities shined on their wedding day, especially when they shared a celebratory high five after being announced husband and wife. Adding to the fun, they incorporated elements into their design from the Disney movie “Up” including the mailbox card box, their favors and guest book.
     For two months leading up to their wedding day, Christy and Nathan participated in ballroom lessons to prepare themselves for their first dance… let us just say it totally paid off! They nailed it and looked fabulous doing so! Guests (and our staff) were pleasantly surprised to discover Nathan and his mother also had a choreographed dance!

How did he propose? “He proposed at Kaleisia Tea Lounge on my birthday. Kaleisia Tea Lounge was the first place we’d hung out at and gotten to know each other after our first initial meeting on Cinco De Mayo in 2010.”

What were the deciding factors in choosing Cross Creek Ranch for your wedding venue? “The feel. The experience (touring) with Maria was wonderful and it just felt right. We wanted something outdoors and warm/cozy.”

Tell us something about your wedding party. “We each have a sibling in the wedding party – Nathan’s brother and my sister. Nathan also invited three of his childhood friends and his soon-to-be brother in-law. I invited one childhood friend – two friends who have made Florida home and my future sister in-law.”

What matters the most to you about your wedding? “Committing our lives to each other, good food and friends.”

 Photographer: Rad Red Creative

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