We have compiled a list of special gifts sure to dazzle your wedding party and demonstrate your gratitude.  Whether you are having an intimate or large wedding, it’s safe to say a tremendous amount of planning will occur.  Big decisions like the bridesmaids’ outfits, and music choices, can result in time consumption tasks, sometimes allowing forgetfulness in other planning aspects.  Perhaps one of the most important bases to cover is the giving of gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen on the wedding day!


For the Groomsmen

The groom’s closest friends and family standing beside him at the altar will surely be looking stylish.  However, accessorizing for the big day can take a sharp suit and send the entire look over the top!  Gifting the groomsmen matching cufflinks or tie bars, can tie together a tuxedo and provide an additional focal point for a complete ensemble.  Further, a pair of bold, loud socks can add some pizzazz to a standard black-and-white tux.  Try a polka dot or argyle pattern to set your groomsmen outside the box in style!  For the drink aficionado, try a monogrammed rocks glass or tumbler.  Complete it with a set of whiskey rocks to keep their beverage cold without diluting the elixir.  Other options include customized coolers (try Yeti if you’re feeling extra grateful) or a humidor for the cigar fan.



Bridesmaid Bonuses

Bridesmaids can be difficult to shop for, but gifts like personalized bathrobes can always be a hit.  Not only will the bathrobes provide a comfy and stylish way to get ready for the ceremony, but also make for very cute pictures!  Matching slippers can complete the look before the heels come on.   Also, use them after the wedding for unwinding around the home. Jewelry, adds a touch of style to an outfit and can be worn for other occasions. Another bridesmaids gift idea can include a small clutch, which could work out nicely on the wedding day to keep their phone handy for dancefloor selfies!  A focus on quality and style will be a hit and ensure your thoughtfulness for your wedding party.


wedding party gifts

Generous Gifts for Both Parties

Unisex gifts can certainly make things easier for both the bride and groom.  For summertime weddings, consider giving your wedding party sunglasses.  A pair of styling shades can add a supremely cool touch.  Wear them year-round and for some cool pics of the wedding party!  Although you may disagree on specific genres, it’s a pretty fair bet your bridesmaids and groomsmen enjoy listening to music.  Whether it’s country, pop, metal, or rock ‘n’ roll, a hi-fidelity pair of headphones will provide your closest friends and family a luxurious avenue to enjoy their favorite tunes.

Carve out time prior to your wedding day to ensure the most valuable guests (your wedding party) have been thought of before your big day arrives!


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