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Don’t forget these wedding day details for your getting ready photos! No doubt, your photographer will be there to capture your ceremony and reception, but what about the details that are planned before your walk down the aisle? The moments that are filled with anxious excitement, the unique trinkets that hold a special place in your heart, the fun in listening to your favorite tunes with your besties. All of these details tell a story of your best day ever. They should be celebrated and remembered just as much as your meticulously planned ceremony and reception. That’s why we rounded up a list of wedding details you don’t want to miss when getting ready for your big day. Check them out below! 


This may seem obvious but it’s so important to have plenty of space for your bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, and an area where you can sit and hangout away from the commotion. 

Visit our Carriage House Stable venue and check out our Main House for the perfect getting ready location! 


Do you remember seeing those cute bridal party photos with all the members dressed in silk robes or matching pjs on Pinterest? Yeah, we are 100% on board with this idea! Getting ready outfits are not only cute but can double as bridal party gifts. 

Pro tip: wear something that you don’t have to pull over your head! Robes and button down pj’s will prevent you from messing up your hair and makeup when it’s time to slip into your wedding attire. 


Let’s not get hangry! This goes for both you and your fiancé. Between the nerves and the butterflies you may not have the appetite you normally would. However, you should still plan to eat! Whether you have food delivered the day of or picked up the day before, make sure it’s well balanced and that there is plenty for you and your party. 

Favorite Sips

This is the perfect time to pop open the champagne or pour yourself a glass of nice whiskey (in moderation of course!) and celebrate! 

Image by Anna So Photography

Basic Accessories

This includes all the following delightful details: 

Jewelry (necklace, bracelets, earrings)




Wedding rings, engagement rings and ring boxes

Copy of your Save the Date and Invitation Suites 


Veil or hair accessories

Vow books/Love letters

Bowtie or Tie




Gifts (if you choose to give gifts to one another or to your wedding party, remember to pack them!)

Emergency Kits (if you are getting married here at Cross Creek Ranch, we’ve got this one covered for you!)

A playlist and bluetooth speaker (trust us, you will want this one!)

Unique Details

Sentimental items 

Map of your venue 

Silk ribbons 

Letter to one another

Vintage heirloom 

Unique tray or dishes 

Postage stamps

Pro tip: if you want photos of you and your party getting ready, book your photographer for more time. Most photographers may have extra silk ribbons, postage stamps, unique dishes, etc. so check with them first before you begin purchasing these items!

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