With “engagement” season underway, we will be seeing a ton of engagement ring trends that go beyond the more traditional designs we’re used to. From colored gemstones to mixed metals, there is no limit on stunning rings to choose from! An engagement ring is more than just a shiny addition to your ring finger to admire. It’s a symbol of eternal love and commitment and, in that spirit, should reflect your personality perfectly.

“Maybe one of these beauties has YOUR name on it!”


Colored stones

Color is one of the easiest ways for brides looking for a unique engagement ring that truly represents their personality.  Say “yes” to the ring which stands out from the rest of the crowd.  If this sounds like you, opt for a colored stone in place of a classic white diamond. Rubies, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, and blue sapphires are popular gemstone options to be featured as the center stone. If you’re not ready to fully ditch the diamond but still want to add a little color to your ring finger, you can add a colored halo around the center stone. Sapphires, rubies, and tsavorite garnets are all great options to dress up your white diamond centered stone.


Yellow gold and rose gold bands

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of white gold and platinum bands. However this upcoming year, we will be ditching the cool-toned bands for something a little warmer. Rose gold was a popular metal option for brides this past year and will continue to be heading into 2019. Yellow gold bands are on the rise as well. Due to the enormous popularity of white gold and platinum in recent years, yellow gold is a great alternative because it adds softness to the piece. You can search these styles online on sites like Blue Nile, who offer a variety of engagement ring styles in many different metals, ranging from the classic platinum and white gold to the trendier rose gold and yellow gold.


Halo settings

While halo style engagement rings are certainly not a new trend, they’re becoming increasingly more popular. In previous years, there was one specific type of halo setting that dominated the scene – the perfectly round circle of pave diamonds. While you may only be able to picture a halo setting on a round stone, a halo setting can actually be added to any cut. We will be seeing more of a variety of halos that have unique shapes of their own in 2019. Vintage-style halo settings that give off a floral effect are just one of the popular halo styles brides-to-be are swooning over.


Pear cut

Pear cut diamonds are currently having a moment in the spotlight, proving that cushion and round cut are not the only options to choose from when it comes to an engagement ring. This may have something to do with the number of celebrity engagements this past year featuring pear cut diamonds. Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Cardi B, and Kaley Cuoco are just a few of the many celebrities to rock pear cut diamond engagement rings on their ring fingers this year. While pear cut diamonds may have once been considered unusual for an engagement ring, we expect to see them rapidly gain popularity in 2019. If you want to make your pear cut diamond stand out, even more, incorporate them into a halo design as mentioned above!



Yes, it’s still an engagement ring even without a diamond!  Take a vintage-inspired 14k rose gold ring with a bold splash of color from a garnet center gemstone.  It’s okay to love that no one else would have an engagement ring like yours! Whether it’s tourmaline, sapphire, ruby, emerald, or any other stone that sings your wedding tune, it can absolutely be the star of your engagement ring!


The next question is “What to do after you’re engaged?”



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