Thinking about popping the question? Congratulations! Before you get down on one knee, there are a few things you should know. Follow along with our proposal checklist to help you prepare for this special moment and ensure that your marriage proposal is a moment to remember forever.

Talk to her parents

While this may seem old fashioned, it’s always a nice gesture to check-in with the people who raised your future spouse to be the wonderful woman she is today. This may be important to your partner especially if she is close with her family or has more traditional values. You don’t necessarily have to ask for permission, but her family will no doubt feel special and appreciative for being included in the big secret.

Pick out the perfect rings

It’s hard to pull off the perfect proposal without the perfect engagement ring. You may have already discussed ring preferences with your partner, and if you did, you’re good to go! If you’re not sure or really want the proposal to be a surprise, check out this helpful article to see which engagement ring styles are popular this year.

One thing that grooms-to-be often overlook is the wedding band. Not only is it important to find the perfect engagement ring, many jewelers also recommend purchasing the wedding band at the same time. This ensures that both the engagement ring and wedding band look good together and the actual rings fit together as well. A lot of jewelers, including online jeweler, Blue Nile, offer a collection of matching wedding bands to go along with their engagement rings selection. This allows you to find the perfect bridal set without having to leave your home!

Find the perfect location

When choosing a location, be sure to consider your significant other’s personality. If she likes to hike, bring her on a trail and propose to her with a picnic at the end. If she’s into sports, consider proposing at one of her favorite team’s games. Is your partner shy and quiet? Be sure to choose a more intimate and personal spot with not many people around. Is she loud and outgoing? A flash mob proposal may be the best option for you! No matter where you choose, make sure the location has meaning to you and your partner and suits both of your personalities. Here is a helpful article filled with great locations to consider when it’s time to propose.

Make sure the timing is right

Before you propose, make sure your fiancé-to-be’s schedule is clear on the day that you plan on popping the question. Check in with her friends and family to see if she made last-minute plans or see if you can look into her work schedule incase she plans on working late. Even better, make plans a couple weeks in advance with your partner to be sure there won’t be any conflicts. Once you actually propose, she’s going to want to spend time and celebrate with you, so be sure that her schedule allows for that.

Rehearse what you want to say beforehand

You don’t necessarily have to write out a speech, but you should have some sort of idea of what you want to say. Be sure to tell your partner how much she means to you before asking for her hand in marriage. Seeing as this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, this part shouldn’t be too hard! Think of all of the things you want to say and rehearse them before popping the question. Don’t worry about memorizing what you want to say word for word, just organize your thoughts and remember the points that you want to bring up to your partner. It’s okay if you get nervous! This is a very raw and emotional moment.


Don’t forget about the part after she says yes. Keep a bottle of champagne hidden away or have a dinner reservation set up so the two of you can celebrate. Make sure that you tell your loved ones the big news before posting on social media. If you and your partner are super close with your families, you can even plan a little surprise celebration and celebrate this special moment with your loved ones. Once your close friends and family know, you and your now-fiancé can post away on whatever social media outlet your hearts desire!

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