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We are seeing more diverse weddings all over this industry. Here at Cross Creek Ranch it is something we have always championed and celebrated. Regardless of your race, gender, culture or religious beliefs, your wedding is just as important as any other and should be celebrated to the fullest. Which is why we are sharing with you six ways to embrace your diverse backgrounds at your wedding. 

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1.We always believe that there is plenty of room to incorporate different religions and cultural customs into  your wedding day. We suggest working with your wedding coordinator to make sure each custom is performed correctly. Also, help your guests understand each wedding ritual through the use of programs or having your officiant or DJ clue them in on what is about to happen and the significance. 

2. Your ceremony should be uniquely you. Some couples have guests who are coming from a different country and speak a different language. We suggest having a second officiant up at the altar translating. Also, if there is a unique ceremony that you wish to perform, go for it! If you are a non-traditional couple, you might favor a non-traditional ceremony. 

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3. There are rules that you can break on your wedding day. Never feel pressured to stick to normal traditions. You don’t have to wear a white dress, or a dress for that matter! Chic romper or white suit anyone?? You don’t have to have your wedding party grouped into genders, we totally support groomswomen and bridesmen! Not a big fan of reception introductions? No problem, let’s scratch that idea. Bend the rules, this is YOUR wedding day. 

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4. A fun way to incorporate your different cultures and backgrounds is through food, music and dancing! Guests loved the experience of a Hora Loca during Ina + John’s wedding reception. It was the perfect way to include Ina’s culture. Work with your wedding vendors to find different ways you can create the best wedding experience for your guests. 

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5. Fashion is a great way to honor your heritage or your significant others’ heritage. Whether it would be a red dress to honor a Chinese tradition, a Hanbok to honor Korean traditions or a saree to honor an Indian tradition. With so many diverse backgrounds, there are numerous ways in the fashion industry to honor where you come from. 

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6. Our last tip on how to embrace your diverse wedding, choose your venue and planners who value inclusivity. Same sex and gender neutral wedding details truly matter. Every couple should be celebrated and everyone deserves to love and be loved. 

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