Because your special day is more than just an event full of wedding traditions!

Let’s debunk those wedding traditions together in this 4 part series! Since the pandemic, we have noticed a lot of couples taking on a more personalized approach to their wedding day. It has created an opportunity to sit back and realize what is most important. Whether it’s opting out of reception activities to spend more time with guests or customizing your attire based on your personal style. Whatever it may be, we are 100% here for it! In fact, allow us to ignite some inspiration and bring you 5 ways that you can begin debunking wedding norms. 

Number 1. You don’t need to have someone walk you down the aisle 

The long standing tradition of the father walking the bride down the aisle has changed significantly over the years. Brides are now choosing to walk to the altar by themselves, with both parents or with just their mother. There are plenty of ways to walk down the aisle at your wedding, choose the best one for you! 

Number 2. You don’t have to wear white

Weddings are all about personalization. Wear attire that best suits your style in a color you feel the most confident in.

Number 3. You can opt out of a formal first dance… especially if you are not a fan of being the center of attention.

You can totally cut out the first dance altogether or spin around the dance floor for the first 30 seconds and then invite other couples to join you for the rest of the song. 

Number 4. Your bridesmaid dresses don’t need to match

In fact, we are obsessed with the mismatched look. With different styles, colors, fabrics and hemlines, it allows each member in your bridal party to find a gown that makes them feel beautiful and confident. 

Number 5. Skip the cake cutting. 

And just eat donuts! Because it’s your wedding day and you can do whatever you want with your dessert table. 

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