Let’s talk about Signature Cocktails. You are now at the point in your wedding planning when you have to think about your signature cocktails – which may come easy to some, but for others it can be quite daunting. After all, you are trying to please your guests’ taste buds and be easy on your wallet. Don’t stress because it is possible especially when you have control over what is being served. Most couples really don’t want to pay an outrageous amount for a full bar and most guests certainly don’t want to pay for their own drinks.

     Taste preferences aside, there are some general tips every couple should consider to help them craft their signature cocktail.

# 1 :  Think about your style and tastes as a couple, and how you can showcase that with your drink. Did you two meet over a drink? Maybe every date night you can’t resist indulging in a favorite cocktail. Have you traveled across the world and found a drink you will always remember? Introduce that delicious drink to your guests. If you’re both major jokesters, picking a classic drink with a clever new name might be the perfect signature cocktail.

# 2 : Consider the season and your theme. What time of year is it? A tequila-based drink may be better for warmer weather while a gin-based drink may be the right fit for the cooler season. What is your color scheme? Think about how you can incorporate your colors with a garnish, or custom napkins that can be served with the cocktail, or even the color of the drink itself.

# 3 : Simplify. Choose a signature drink that can be prepared easily, in only a few steps, and without numerous ingredients. Your signature drink should be something that can be made in bulk batches, served and topped off with a garnish (if desired).

     At Cross Creek Ranch bartending services are included in our all-inclusive wedding packages! Our couples simply provide their beverages of choice which can include up to 5 different wines (reds and whites), up to 5 different beers and 2 signature cocktails. This is amazing! Why? Since you are providing the alcohol, you get to choose how much money you will spend!


Images by Vine & Light


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