Cross Creek Ranch

Your wedding should be amazing not only for you, but for your guests too – and having a fun cocktail hour is the perfect way to create a smooth bridge between the emotional ambiance of your ceremony and the more fun-oriented reception.

How to plan a cocktail hour that will truly entertain your wedding guests? Here are some tips you should definitely consider:

  • First and foremost, handle the food and the drinks. Serve delicious and unique signature cocktail drinks. Also, take into consideration the option of serving non-alcoholic options too (it would be great for your alcohol-free guests to indulge in non-alcoholic cocktails that are really unique and delicious!).
  • Furthermore, make it very comfortable for your guests. Having everyone stand and walk around for an entire hour may not be very comfortable, especially for some of your guests. Sprinkle your cocktail hour venue with some lounge seating options, so that people can have a seat when they get tired or when they simply want to chit-chat in a relaxed manner.
  • Last, but definitely not least, handle the entertainment too. Have your DJ play some beautiful relaxing music in the background (just enough to allow the people to actually hear each other). Also, do consider the option of bringing in some fun outdoor games or board games – they will keep people busy and in a good mood while you’re away, shooting for your wedding album.

Searching for a gorgeous, nature-inspired wedding venue? Here at Cross Creek Ranch, we can provide you with the perfect ambiance for the most beautiful day of your entire life! Contact us, visit us and allow yourself (and your guests) to be charmed by the rustic elegance and timelessness of our venue!



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