Is this your first Christmas as a newlywed? Christmas is the “most wonderful time of the year” and even more so when it is spent with your spouse (and loved ones). It is a great time of year to begin traditions, not only for the holidays but also for the many years to follow. Taking time to create new traditions with your spouse will do wonders for your marriage and it will also give you memories to look back on. We will share 3 ideas that we believe make for fun and memorable traditions.


    1. Bring out your favorites. Favorites, you ask? We are talking about your favorite Christmas movies! Make an easy dinner or pick up something to go and plan a date night in cuddled on the couch.
    2. The night before Christmas. If you have children Christmas day may be focused mainly on them, so take time the night before just the two of you. Whether you two reflect back over the year or exchange letters or a gift. Just be sure to have uninterrupted time with each other before the fun and excitement of Christmas day arrives.
    3. A Christmas gift for the year to come. Instead of exchanging material things, give a date night to be enjoyed at least once a month, all year long. Whether it be a movie ticket to the movie she is dying to see, or the football game he would love to go to or a weekend getaway trip!

     A very popular tradition for many is driving around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. (This is a personal favorite of mine!) We all have our personal favorites so create a tradition that works for your marriage and start it this year!

     Share with us! What are some traditions you and your spouse enjoy?

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