Your first dance is one of the most candid, romantic and beautiful moments of your entire life – so it is only natural that you want it to be absolutely perfect, from all points of view. How do you choose the right song for this unique wedding highlight, though? How do you make sure your first dance song is more than suitable for you?

We have gathered some tips on this – so read on, find out more and settle on a song that will make for a truly magical moment.

  • Think of the music you both like. Even if you don’t necessarily listen to the same kind of music, you will still find songs or artists you have in common.
  • Think of a song that speaks about your relationship. After all, your first dance should be symbolical and unforgettable – but more than anything, it should be about the two of you and the amazing love that has brought you here, in front of all your wedding guests.
  • Think of a song you can actually dance to. Unless both of you are professional dancers (or at least amateurs with some good moves in store), you should think of a wedding dance song that’s danceable. It will make things so much easier when you’re rehearsing!
  • Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. If a mellow, cheesy song doesn’t suit who you are as a couple, there’s absolutely no need to settle for one. Instead, think out of the box and choose a song that is more about you than about social standards or expectations. From Metallica to Avicii, there are oh-so-many songs that could make for a stunning first dance!
  • Have you considered a choreographed dance? This hot trend is on the rise! This dance makes for a great photo opportunity, is fun for your guests to watch, and is an everlasting memory to you! Plus, rehearsing and taking lessons make for fun date nights! 

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Photo captured by Alissa Sue.

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