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Your wedding gown should reflect your personal style, your personality and it should also go well with the overall wedding design. At the same time though, your wedding dress should also fit your wedding season too – but how do you do that? How do you choose a dress that goes really well with the season outside? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • If you are a winter bride, your dress should match the season’s luxurious vibe and its amazing elegance. Therefore, a dress made out of a luxury fabric – such as satin or taffeta – will be a really great choice. Also, settle on a dress that features opulent silver embellishments and a very bright shade of white – these details go perfectly with the winter feeling!
  • Planning a wedding in the hot season? If yes, your dress should make you feel comfortable without skimping on elegance. We suggest a low-back and/or a halter top dress because they will show off your beautiful tan. Also, don’t forget about choosing a fabric that’s adequate for warm weather too (lace and charmeuse are great options, for example).
  • Go with the vibrant energy of this season and choose a dress that’s lightweight and inspired by the blooming flowers. A tulle gown or a ballgown with lace appliques will look absolutely gorgeous on you!
  • Mysterious, romantic and rich, this season calls for weddings that are just as generous and opulent as the season itself. Gold touches, as well as layers of delicate and feminine fabrics work marvelously for fall brides.

Searching for a venue that looks fantastic regardless of the season? Come visit Cross Creek Ranch and allow your wedding to be embraced by Florida’s finest natural décor!



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