One morning in October of 2013 during a meeting at work, Lauren and Brian met, locked eyes and at that moment their forever started! On March 7th, 2015, Lauren and Brian had a charming country wedding at the Carriage House Stable. During the ceremony, when they were announced as husband and wife, Brian literally jumped with joy!

Their wedding was inspired by Lauren’s upbringing – country with a splash of elegance. The bride and groom wanted their guests to feel like they were at home and to eat a lot of great food. Lauren stated, “that’s why we chose BBQ!”. Her favorite part of the day was spending it with all her friends and family. “I loved dancing with the kids. I also liked how much we were pampered.” Well Lauren… it was a delight to pamper you and your loved ones! Congratulations to these newlyweds!


Photographer: Carrie Wildes Photography

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