Your dear sister or friend popped the question and asked you to be a bridesmaid, how exciting… and possibly frightening if you are a first timer. The question “what am I expected to pay for?” may even cross your mind a time or two. Many first time bridesmaids ask themselves the same question, and although we can’t add money into your pocketbook, we can make you aware of expenses that may come your way.

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The Dress. This is an obvious one, but we are mentioning it anyway. Fingers crossed the bride falls in love with a dress with a lower price tag or even on sale! Keep in mind you also have to pay for your shoes, jewelry and dress alterations (if needed).

Bridal Shower. Are you the hostess with the mostest? Then you are the one responsible for paying for food + drinks, decor, etc. On rare occasions the Mother of the Bride may contribute/pay for the shower, but it is mainly the Maid/Matron of Honor’s duty to uphold. Do not expect guests to contribute, and please do not ask them to – their contribution is to bring a gift.

Bachelorette Party. Ahhh,the legendary bachelorette party. Like the bridal shower, this is normally planned by the Maid/Matron of Honor and also the bridesmaids. Each lady should pitch in for this extravaganza! Whether it is paying for dinner and entertainment or a special weekend getaway, the bride should not have to pay her own way. This is FOR her.

Hair and Makeup. Generally this is also the bridesmaid’s responsibility, but sometimes the bride will pay for a professional stylist to pamper her bridesmaids as a “thank you” gift… and well, she wants every lady to look her best! We can’t guarantee that will happen, although it would be a nice gesture!

Let’s face it – being a bridesmaid isn’t cheap, but it is an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day. Budget accordingly, cherish your role and be available to help the bride. Planning a wedding isn’t the easiest task and for the bride to know you are there for her will certainly relieve stress. Enjoy yourself and the time with the bride – this is one of the best times in her life and she asked YOU to be a part of it!


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