Bridal Shower Games You’ll Enjoy

bridal shower games

Say “Adios” to the toilet paper wedding dress and the boring bridal shower Bingo. Here’s a list of 6 new games you may knot have played before.  No matter how diverse the group, nothing gets the excitement going more than laughs, mimosas, and playing fun games.



The lipstick Game

Have some blank printer paper and lipsticks handy.  Each player puts a lipstick tube in their mouth and uses it as a pen to try and draw a wedding related image.  In this case, it was a picture of a church. Set a time limit, the player to have the most accurate drawing wins a prize.  Get ready for the laughs.


Bra Pong

Similar to the classic college game, Bra Pong is really as simple as it sounds.  Hot glue some old bras of different shapes and sizes to a poster board then assign each bra a different point value.  To play, have each player stand behind a specific point and attempt to toss the balls into as many cups as possible.  The player with the highest score wins.


He Said, She Said

This game will require some pre-planning and assistance from the groom.  Create a list of questions for the groom asking things like, “Where was your first date?”, “What would Katie say is your worst habit?” or “Whose feet stay the cleanest?”.   Record the groom answering the questions.  A video is more fun but audio recording works too.  At the bridal shower ask the bride the questions and compare her answers to the groom’s previously recorded session.  This is fun because it allows the groom to be involved without being present.  Your friends and family will enjoy the laughter hearing the differences in the stories.  As the saying goes, “There’s your side, their side, and the truth.”


Drop your Panties

Such a fun game name, right?  Before you begin, this game will require help from the guests and some planning ahead.  In the bridal shower invitation include an extra line which reads something like, “Please bring an unwrapped new pair of panties for Katie that reflects “your” personality.  She will try to guess who brought each panty.  Katie is a size medium”.  When the guests arrive, have them drop the panties in a box which has been strategically placed out of the bride’s sight.  To play the game, the bride will pull “a” panty (one by one) from the box and try to guess who it’s from.  Who will be described as having brought that lacy gold thong?


Cold Feet

Get ready for the shrieks! This game will be sure to cause an uproar, but all in good fun. Pour some cold water (or water with ice cubes) into a bucket then place 2-3 rings in the water. The first player to grab all the rings by using only their feet is the winner.  Make sure to have some towels set aside for the splashes.

Wedding Dress Designer

Your friends and family will finally be able to dress you in a dress of their own design.  To prepare, head on over to your local Walmart and pick up styrofoam cones, pieces of fabrics, lace, ribbon, stickers, pins, and scissors.  Print pictures of the bride’s face and attach them to the styrofoam cones.  Lastly, give the players an equal share of the listed supplies, set a timer and watch your guests get super creative in designing depictions of your perfect wedding dress.  Hilarious!



These new and fun games are a sure way to provide entertainment for you and your guests. 


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